Top 5 reasons why you should join Wipro

Wipro, which was started in 1945, is a big player in the IT sector. It is regarded as one of the market’s leading technology companies. For many professionals, it has become a dream company. But why is that?

The organization, which is based in Bangalore, provides outsourcing, consulting, and information technology services by utilizing our extensive industry experience. The tech behemoth assists its clients with its vast technical expertise, vertically aligned business model, and comprehensive portfolio.


About Wipro:

The flagship company of the Azim H Premji group, Wipro Ltd., was founded in 1945. The company began as a manufacturer of vegetable ghee/vanaspati, refined edible oils, and other similar products. The company has gradually expanded into a variety of different businesses.

Today Wipro Limited is the world’s first PCMM Level 5 and SEI CMM Level 5 IT services company. It offers a wide range of IT solutions and services to businesses throughout the world. This includes systems integration, information systems outsourcing, package implementation, software application development and maintenance, and research and development.

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Wipro is a leading strategic IT partner for businesses in India, the Middle East, and Asia–Pacific, providing comprehensive IT solutions. It plans, deploys, sustains, and supports the IT lifecycle of many industries through entire outsourcing, consulting services, business solutions, and professional services. Wipro InfoTech helps many organizations to create momentum in their company, across many industrial sectors. It also has many industrial divisions to cater to organizations from different industries. This includes Wipro Technologies, Wipro Infotech, Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering, Wipro GE Medical Systems. These divisions solve the business needs specific to different industries and provides specialized services.

The company’s services include; System Integration, Managed Services, Total Outsourcing, Application Development and Portals, Business Transformation Services, Security Governance, Data Warehousing, and Biz Intelligence, and Availability Services. IT experts desire to be a part of the organization because of their popularity in the market. This has motivated them to improve their skills and participate in company interviews. Professionals may benefit from understanding Wipro’s culture and reasons for working there.

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We looked at 2.8K+ reviews and came up with the top 5 reasons to work at Wipro. We hope this list will give you a good understanding of the work-life at Wipro.


Wipro Work-Life Balance

Employees’ primary concern during the pandemic is striking a balance between their personal and work lives. However,  Wipro provides a nice balance to its staff, with or prior to the pandemic. One of the employees further stated that receiving a call after working hours is solely dependent on the employee’s classification or job position. Unless it is urgent or vital, no one in the organization contacts employees after hours.


Wipro Work Environment

The working environment at the company is likewise positive, with employees praising the company’s leave policies and sexual harassment regulations. Both of these are the topmost priorities of the organization. Wipro tries its best to make it absolutely certain that none of its employees has any problems while working there. The IT giant has a very caring attitude towards its employee’s well-being. Many of the current and former employees of the organization have written an applaudable review of the company’s working environment.


Brand Name

Wipro is a well-known brand name in the Indian IT sector. The brand name which dominates the market is one of the most important reasons to work with Wipro. The brand name is always a good indicator of the general market recognition of the firm. The Indian IT giant, Wipro is renowned as one of the top ten IT leaders of the country. Moreover, broad recognition of the company’s brand name creates pride, a sense of security, and enthusiasm for the employees.

Wipro is a leading strategic IT partner for companies operating In India, the Middle East, and Asia–Pacific. The Indian IT giant provides comprehensive IT solutions to many enterprises globally.

Wipro’s ADSs are traded on the New York Stock Exchange, and its equity shares are traded on the Mumbai Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange in India,  among others.


People/Colleagues at Wipro

It is very crucial to have a progressive company culture where peer employees collaborate and help each other in their work. It creates a pleasant atmosphere that improves the productivity and efficiency of employees and their teams.

At Wipro, the employees or colleagues are very helpful and friendly to one another. They collaborate and provide adequate support to one another while ensuring that the work continues smoothly.


Quality of Work

Both, freshers and experienced employees alike can learn a lot at Wipro. They can explore various dimensions of development and collaborate with consumers to broaden their learning horizons. Wipro has many ongoing projects of different industry verticals. Wipro serves as a business and technology service provider to companies from various sectors. Hence, employees at Wipro can undertake projects from a wide pool of industrial sectors. Thus, it broadens the perspective and expertise of the employees across many industry verticals.

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In this article, we have listed the top 5 reasons to work at Wipro. However, there are other reasons why there is so much traction among professionals to join Wipro. All the above-mentioned reasons and a lot more makes Wipro a dream company for many professionals.

However, one should also know that everything in the world has both pros and cons attached to it. Though we have reported the pros of working in the company. One must recognize that they are also certain characteristics that can be considered as cons of working in the company. Even though we are not covering the cons in this article. We encourage you to read more about various opinions of current and former employees to get a better perspective about the company.

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